Thursday, June 28, 2012

your body

I love your body for its soft skin and smoothness,
for its responsiveness, because it's you.
I like looking at you--I could stare and stare.
Your form is pleasing to the eye.
I like your thinness and the beauty of your limbs,
which are so thin but strong.
I like your beautiful hands and your long, thick hair.
Those were the first two things I allowed myself to admire about your body.
I like your feet with their vulnerability.
I like your vibrant cock with its strange combination of vulnerability and strength.
I like your balls which smell so delicious.
I'm in love with your tummy.
I like its subtle shape and touching it.
I like your gorgeous rounded, sexy ass.
I like your head, where your brain lives.
I like your face, with its sweet expressions,
your beautiful mouth, your sensitive tongue that pleases me.
I like your eyes and their depth, the better to see me with.
I like your delicate ears which so surprised me.
I like your honest chest with its beloved heart and lungs.
I like your compassionate shoulders.
I like your generous and good hands.
I like your alive and gentle hands.

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