Thursday, June 7, 2012

post-sex questions

nest:  Do you remember the day you rode your bike to meet me at the park?  Did you know I wanted you to fuck me then?

boyfriend:  I think I knew.

nest:  I remember how badly I wanted to hug you.

boyfriend:  I think I went home and masturbated, thinking about hugging you.


nest:  When did you believe we would become lovers?

boyfriend:  When we went on the trip together, I thought we would become lovers.

nest:  You're smart.  You're very smart.  I didn't know.


nest:  I have a question, but it's a tricky question because I'm not sure what I want the answer to be.

boyfriend:  Okay.

nest:  That night I said I wanted to get lost, and we did get lost, did you get lost on purpose?

boyfriend:  Yeah--I had an idea of where we were going.

nest:  Oh!

boyfriend:  What do you think of them apples?

nest:  They're shiny and delicious-looking.


nest:  Do you remember when I called you the night you sent me that long email saying you wanted to step in front of light rail?

boyfriend:  Yes.

nest:  You didn't want to talk to me very long.

boyfriend:  I loved you already.

nest:  I loved you too.  I was just thinking that.

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