Sunday, June 24, 2012

exactly what I wanted

I never told you about what happened a week ago when I asked him to fuck me as I said no.  Our safeword was "safeword" and I didn't need to use it.  He entered me and rode me beautifully.

"No," I said quietly.  He didn't respond but kept fucking me as if I hadn't said anything.

"No," I said again.  Again he didn't respond and continued with what he was doing.

Then I said his name and, "No," more urgently.  Again he kept fucking me, with growing intensity, and I was so turned on.  I wanted this so badly.

"No," I pleaded again.  He fucked me harder and then stopped.  I felt his semen pumping out of his cock and into me, into the condom.  I was so happy I had gotten exactly what I wanted.

Then last night we kissed and kissed.  He was naked and on top of me.  He's thin and didn't hurt me.  His arms are strong.

I asked him, "Will you do me a sexual favor?"

"Yes," he said, without asking what it was.

"Will you lick my nipples?" I asked.

He moved his head down from my mouth to my left breast.  I felt his tongue on me.  I loved the feeling.  He worked on my left breast then my right, back and forth.

"That has an effect on my cunt," I said.

"What does it feel like?" he asked.

"I think I can feel the blood rushing to my cunt," I said.  "It's a warm feeling, and I really like it.  There's also an ache."

I watched him licking me.  He looked so beautiful.  "That feels so good," I said, over and over again.  I could see his gorgeous tongue.  I liked his willingness and his careful attention.

"Do you like to masturbate for a long time or just a short time?" I asked.  I had only seem him masturbate for a short time.

"Both," he said.  "How about you?"

"Me too--both," I said.  Then I asked for something I had wanted.  "Do you think we could masturbate and come at the same time?"

"Yes," he said.

I masturbated while he licked my nipples.  Then I heard the rhythmic sound of his hand moving on his cock.  "I like the way that sounds," I said.  My right hand was in my shorts as I rubbed my clitoris.

"I want to see," I told him.  He moved to his knees and was on my left side.  I watched him masturbate.

I was almost coming, amazed at my wetness.  That long session of kissing had had an effect on me too.  I continued to masturbate, keeping myself at the edge as I tried to gauge how close he was.

Then I was making small sounds, and he looked so beautiful and happy.  I knew he was about to come, and I brought myself there.  I felt his semen spurting out onto my belly, and I rubbed my clitoris harder, allowing myself to come.  We looked into one another's eyes.

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