Thursday, June 7, 2012

what I like about sucking your cock

I like nuzzling your balls with my nose. It's loving.
I like the way you smell.
I like kissing your cock up and down.
I like licking you.
I like taking just the head of your cock in my mouth.
I like taking it all the way.
I like gagging on you and when the tears run down my face.
I like sucking.
I like changing the angle of my approach.
I like feeling my lips around the base of your cock.
I like listening to your breathing change and to the sounds you make, when you make sounds.
I like when your cock gets very big and trying to predict when you'll come.
I like tasting your pre-come and feeling its slickness.
I like when my breasts graze your balls.
I like looking up at you and holding onto your sides or your ass, touching your chest as I suck.
I like making you come.
I like the way you look, when you come.
I like your body and how it fits with mine.
I like your cock in my mouth as if that's its natural habitat.    

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