Sunday, August 31, 2014

in which he holds me down, covers my mouth, and uses me for my hole

I'd had a difficult conversation with my bestie and was in no mood.  But boyfriend was lying in bed beside me trying to get me to have sex with him.

We kissed.  He pushed his erection onto my knee.  He pushed hard, and I wondered how that could feel good.  But I liked his erection there.

"Tell me five things you'd like to do to Maria or would like Maria to do to you," I said.

"Hmm," he said.  "I'd like Maria to suck my cock for a really long time."

"Oh, do you want me to do that with you?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said.

"Did we do that before?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said.

"We should do that again," I said.  "What else?"

"I want Maria to gag on my cock," he said.

"What do you like about that?" I asked.

"It feels really good," he said.  "I like it when her nose goes into my belly."

"Oh good," I said.  "What else?"

"I want Maria to suck my cock for so long that all she needs to do it blow on it and I come on her face," he said.

"That sounds good!" I said, imagining it.

We talked about what we did yesterday--he titty fucked me and then rubbed his come on my nipples while I masturbated.

And we talked about how he was hitting me a few days ago when I said no.

And we talked about this sexy zine we read today and the parts he liked.  "I like the part where she was bent over and you could see her butt," he said.

"Because you like butts in general?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said.  "I like your butt."

And about Maria he said he wanted Maria bent over the bed and to beg for his cock up in her.

"I can beg you," I said.  He had been touching my nipples, and I was horny.  I'd had his cock in my hand this whole time, and I liked feeling the fluctuations of its definition.

"Please give me that cock," I said.

"No," he said.

"Please fuck me," I said.  "I want cock, and I want it bad.  Your cock is the only one I want."

"No," he said.

"What do I need to do?  I'll do anything," I said.

"Go down on me," he said.

"No," I said.  I imagined him hitting me.

"Make my cock wet," he said.

I pushed my mouth onto his cock, wetting it.  I had my hand around the base of it and sucked on just the head of his cock as if it was my lollipop.

He gasped.  He liked it a lot.

"Please fuck me," I begged.

I felt excited when he moved toward me to mount me.  He slipped himself inside me, pushing hard.

"Ow," I moaned.

"Does that hurt?" he asked.

"Ow," I moaned again.  I felt a deep pleasure / pain at feeling him all the way in me, large and beautiful.

I knew he liked hurting me like that, and I live for it.

Then he held me down with one hand, pinning my wrist, and covered my mouth with his other hand.  I made small sounds under his hand.  I was maximum horny and pushed up against him as he fucked and fucked at my hole, straining against him, wanting to come.

My sounds raised in pitch as I got closer to coming, and he sped up his fucking until he slowed and ejaculated inside me.  He started to ejaculate and then pulled out a little bit and ejaculated more.  It felt different from usual, and I loved the feeling.  Then he pushed in all the way again to finish ejaculating.

He was panting and uncovered my mouth and climbed off me.

"God, that was so good," I said.

He lay beside me touching my nipples as I began to masturbate.

"Tell me you like that pussy," I said.

"I love that pussy," he said.  "It feels so good."

"Tell me how much you like ejaculating inside me," I said.

"I love ejaculating inside you," he said.  I felt a pang of gratefulness that he had a vasectomy a year and a half ago.

I rubbed at my clitoris.  "God, the way you're touching me right now feels so good," I said.  My nipples were supremely happy.

He kissed me, and I knew I was going to come.  I made small sounds into his mouth as we kissed.

Then my mouth opened wide in a voiceless scream as the feelings pounded inside me.  I pushed down on my clitoris with my finger and rode it out.

"God, that was wonderful," I said, gasping for air as he held me.  We cuddled close, and soon he was falling asleep.

I got up to write all this down.  I am having the best sex of my life every day and I feel so grateful for the life he's giving me.

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