Friday, August 8, 2014

him coming on my back

He wanted to come on my back.  We like it when he masturbates on me.  He likes to come in my underarm.  He likes it when I've shaved or when I haven't, either way.

"But then you can't watch me," he said.

"Yeah, but I can hear it.  And when you come, I can feel it spurting on me," I said.

I liked lying on my tum while he was behind me masturbating.  I liked hearing him.  I could tell when he was going to come by the way his breathing changed, and then he slowed, and I felt the come spurt onto my ear then onto my back.

I liked how it felt when his come went on my ear.  I laughed.  I thought I felt some go on my hair too, but he couldn't find any.

"Is it okay I laughed?"' I asked afterward, and he said it was okay.

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