Sunday, October 27, 2013


Yesterday we didn't have sex, a rare thing.  It just didn't happen--we noticed but didn't fret about it

Then today we went out with friends.  We watered our community garden.  We bought yogurt, ice cream.

On the truck ride home, I was feeling horny.  "You know what I want?" I asked as he drove.

"What?" he said.

"Your tongue on my nipple," I said.

"We can work on that," he said.

Home, he gave me what I wanted.  We went to bed.  I lay on my back, and he crouched beside me, licking and sucking on one nipple while this hand played with the other.

I couldn't get enough and moaned, trying to be quiet but feeling my cunt ache.

"I want you so badly," I said.  "I want you in my pussy."

He pulled down his chonies and I touched his cock while he played with my nipples.  I cupped his balls and gently squeezed.

His cock was hard in my hand, and I begged him for it.  Instead of fucking me, he lay down beside me and played with my tits more.

"I want you," I said.

"I want you," he said.

"Please fuck me," I said.

He positioned his body above mine.  The head of his cock entered me.  I touched my nipples as he fucked me slowly.

Outside, the wind was blowing.  The neighbors were silent.  I felt like our bed was a sacred world.

I moaned for him and pushed up against him.  "Don't come yet," I whispered, and he stopped.  I wanted to come so badly.

He fucked me again.  He moved his legs between my legs so that he was pushing up against me at a different angle.  It felt so good.

"I'm going to die," I said.

"Don't do that," he said.  "I need you."

I wasn't really listening to him.  I was feeling my entire body respond to him.  I was feeling myself moving closer and closer to coming.

Then he would stop so he wouldn't come, and we would rest for a moment.  We stayed together like that, still.

Then he would fuck me again.  I looked at him, and his eyes were rolled back in his head.  "Tell me if you're going to come," I said.

He started to fuck me harder.  I raised my knees so he was in me deeper.  His slick cock was moving inside my slick cunt.  Something in me was rising.

"I'm going to come," he said.

I knew I was going to come too.  He fucked me, and then he was coming.  I moved against him, and as he was ejaculating, I felt my face contort into a wide-mouthed silent cry, and then the feelings were pounding inside me.  I grabbed him and held on hard.

We stayed like that--then he lay down beside me, and we said we loved one another.  We kissed.

"I'm very happy with you," I said.

"I'm very happy with you," he said.

"You seem unfazed," I said.  "Is that true?"  I was smiling.

"I think I'm fazed," he said.

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