Monday, May 20, 2013


Today boyfriend was licking my pussy for a long time.  I was whimpering with how close I was to coming for him.  He licked me hard and aggressively.  I could tell he wanted me to come.

Then I made the motion for him to surface and kiss my mouth, a motion like a little kid wanting to be picked up.  He acquiesced and kissed me gently.  I tasted the juices of my own cunt from his mouth.  We kissed, and I rubbed my cunt up against his body.  I rubbed my cunt against his soft penis until it was hard, and he entered me suddenly.

It was exactly what I wanted.  We moved together.  He fucked me beautifully.  I wanted to come so badly.  I wordlessly asked if I could rub my clitoris with my right hand's middle finger, and I rubbed it as he fucked me.  His cock slipped out of me a few times, because of the angles of our bodies, and I got frustrated.

I pulled him closer to me, so he was above me but on his elbows, and we moved together closely.  We started to breathe together, loud breaths.  I was getting close to coming, and I could tell he was too.  I was excited by the thought that we might come at the same time.

I could feel the sweat on our bodies--it was hot outside today--and I liked the wetness.  He fucked me hard.

Then he was coming, and I pressed up against him hard and kept moving against him as he stopped thrusting.  Then a cry escaped my mouth as I was coming right after him.  His penis got soft and slipped out of me, so I finished coming without him inside me.

I was so happy, but he was very sleepy.  He fought to stay awake for about ten minutes of post-sex cuddle as we said sweet and loving things to one another.

"That was special to me, that I got to come with you inside me," I told him.  He agreed.

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