Saturday, July 7, 2012

an email

Good morning!  I finally devoured the materials you sent.  They were awesome.  Thank you!  Last night anarchist boyfriend and I looked at the pictures and videos.  Just now I finished with all the text.  I can't decide what I like best--maybe the text.  If you have more, I'd love that.  I want to tell you my favorite, but I can't decide.  I really like the story about S.  Maybe that's my favorite.  I enjoyed most a moment of boundary crossing, or agreement breaking, or something like that.  Yesterday I read most of the stuff while anarchist boyfriend was outside shoveling dirt.  I missed him powerfully and wandered outside where we kissed.  He asked how dirty his face was.  "Not dirty," I said, touching his face.  Then I touched his chest and sides and found myself touching the top of his pants as if I would slip my fingers under them.  Later we had sex where I kept telling him to stop so I wouldn't come.  His fingers were on me, and he brought me to the edge again and again.  I wanted to come with his cock up inside me, something that we had never done before.  That ended up not happening, though we were deliciously close.  Anyway, that was afternoon and we had sex again last night, and maybe I should be blogging about all this.

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