Tuesday, May 9, 2017

night visits, five minutes in the closet


I want to tell you about my fantasy that she comes to stay over and every night Boyfriend leaves my side to fuck her while I'm sleeping.  He gets up in the night anyway--I'm used to him leaving, returning.

Every night he goes to her room, wakes her up, and fucks her as quickly and quietly as possible, then leaves.

But the final night--she is leaving the next day--he lingers with her after fucking her, then licks her pussy.  He's licking with so much joy in his heart, but she's making small sounds, and he gets scared.  He needs her to be quiet.

He hesitates, and she pushes down on his head, telling him to keep licking her clit.  She's close to coming, and he's never seen her come before.

He's intrigued and wants to please her, yet he's scared what will happen.  She starts to come, and he pushes on her clit with his tongue.  His face turns red as she cries out.  It's the middle of the night, and did she wake me up?

The fantasy has a few different endings.  I wake up and look for him.  I find him in her room and cry.  Or he licks my pussy next.  Or something like that.


I also want to tell you the fantasy about five minutes in the closet.  Five minutes is kind of a long time.  I've never played this in real life.  I wonder in real life how it would be.  Some conversation, or right to kissing and groping?  Or just groping? just a blow job?  And how does consent work, in the closet, where it must be dark...I wonder.

And what else is in the closet?  Hopefully not a mop and broom.  Hopefully no spiders.

Anyway, stop being so realistic, Anarchist Girlfriend.

We're over at her house, and her spouse isn't home, but our mutual friend is.  "Do you want to play a game?" she asks.  It's after lunch and we want to spend more time together.

We consider the board games and card games she has in a pile.  We think about it, but I don't really like games.  "How about spin the bottle?" I ask shyly.

There's an empty bottle on the table, and she spins it.  It points at our mutual friend.  They smile.  She walks over to him, leans over toward him.  He stands up, and they kiss.  It's been a long time since they kissed.  They feel excited.

Then our mutual friend spins the bottle.  It points at Anarchist Boyfriend.  He walks over to him and they have a brief kiss.

Then Boyfriend spins the bottle.  It points at her.  How will I feel when he kisses her, his dick erect in his pants?

They've been wanting this for a long time.  They both stand up and step toward one another.  They embrace, their upper bodies together and lower bodies too.  They cautiously kiss, but their mouths open, and they lick at each other with the passion of years of tension.  I feel sort of hurt and sort of excited.  Happy for them but jealous as he pushes against her for a little too long.

They detach from one another reluctantly.  Boyfriend's heart is pounding.  He smiles at me, and I can almost hear him tell me, "This was a good idea!"

She spins the bottle and it points at me.  We smile and I actually quietly laugh.  I remember ten years before, when our friendship was newer and more seemed possible.  I always wanted to be her girlfriend, but how would that have worked?  It couldn't have worked.

We step toward one another, and my cunt is aching.  We hug each other like always, but for longer, and then we kiss, and it's a relief from twelve years of wanting.

It's cuddly and sweet yet she slips her tongue in my mouth and I feel loved.

We stop and step away from one another, look at each other, and I feel something important has finally happened.  I feel serious.

I don't spin the bottle.  I sit down and take a deep breath.  "How about five minutes in the closet?" I suggest.  They're agreeable, and we designate a room as the closet.

I spin the bottle, and it points to our mutual friend.  I have always wanted to have sex with him, but is the time right?

We go to the room together and I say, "What do you think?"

"I think you should give me a blowjob," he says, and he hugs me tight.  We kiss.  It's our first time kissing, and it doesn't feel like I thought it would.

I take off my shirt and bra.  "Do you think they're really timing us?" I ask.  I imagine them in the other room, and what are they doing anyway?

He's unfastening his pants.  My cunt is throbbing.  He pulls down his pants and underwear, and his huge dick is there for me to look at, so plump and real.

He stares at my tits and gently touches them.

What should I do?  I'm thinking about his dick in my hands, in my mouth.  Should I go through with it?  What if I can't make him come quickly enough and we're interrupted?  Is this a stupid idea?

I touch it.  He's sitting on the couch.  He takes off his glasses and puts them on the small table.

I get on my knees and begin the blowjob.  It's been a long time since I've interacted with an intact dick, and the foreskin throws me off, but I get the hang of it.

He's clearly happy.  He quietly moans.  "Shhh," I say.  I wonder if they can hear us, in the other room.

I can't get his dick very far in my mouth, it's so big.  I've never seen one this big in real life.  He'd told me it was huge, but I wasn't sure I believed him.

It takes some work, and I'm happy to do the work.  I think of all the other women who have blown him.  I feel a confusing mixture of feelings.

Then his breathing changes and I'm relieved he's going to come, but should I let him come in my mouth?  I hold him in my hands as his huge thing ejaculates on my chest.  His come drips onto my tits, and there are tissues on the small table, so I wipe up his semen as he glows.  We smile at one another.

We dress quickly and I put the wet tissues in my pants pocket.

We return to the other room.  "Has it been five minutes?" I ask breathlessly.

They laugh.  "More like 15," she says, and I feel grateful that no one walked in on us.

"Whose turn is it to spin the bottle?" I ask, confused.

"To hell with the bottle," she says.  "I want to blow your boyfriend."

I figure they've been talking about it while the mutual friend and I were in the other room.  Boyfriend looks at me, wondering what my reaction will be.  I love him so much and want him to get what he wants.

My pussy is all wet from when I was blowing our mutual friend.  "Go for it," I say.  "But only five minutes."

Those two go into the other room, and I get some water from the kitchen.  Mutual friend and I hold hands at the table.

They strip so quickly and are kissing and rubbing at each other.  He touches her tits and sucks each nipple.  She reaches for his dick immediately, and it's hard in her hand.  Their bodies are so smooth and beautiful.  They caress each other's backs.

"Can I blow you?" she asks.

"Yes," boyfriend says.

She licks the underside the way he likes it, and he moans.  He wants to come so badly.

She fingers her wet clit and slowly takes all of his dick in her mouth.  She gags on it and he is in heaven.  It's just what he imagined.

She rubs and rubs herself as she blows and blows him.

I look at the clock.  Four minutes have passed.

"I want you in my pussy," she says, gasping.  She is near orgasm, and she wants a dick so badly up inside her.

They're both confused about whether this is allowed, and they don't really care.  He would love to pound her cunt and shoot his load there.

So she climbs on the couch on all fours, and he approaches behind her.  It's awkward, with the cushions.

He wonders if he should wear a condom as he always promised me, but there's no condom and they're in a rush.

He slips himself inside her, and her pussy clenched around his dick is the best feeling in the world.  She comes with a growl and her body spasms in his arms and he holds her from behind.

He's fucking her when I open the door.  He sees me and fucks her faster then shoots his load in her cunt as deeply as possible, eyes closed, grunting.

I feel glad I got to see it but hurt that he didn't use a condom.  They dress.

The fantasy could go a few different ways here.  My favorite is that Boyfriend and mutual friend decide to lick my pussy and her pussy respectively as we all are together in bed.  So she and I do get off, in the end.

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