Friday, December 30, 2016

what I didn't know I could do

Today we went out into the desert. I was daydreaming about sex. Boyfriend went on a hike without me. I sat in the car writing and imagining his body on me.

When we got home, he turned on the heater in the bedroom. In half an hour we took our clothes off and climbed into bed.

I wanted him to put the pear-scented body butter on my nipples. He warmed the tin of it beneath his chest then puts dollops of it onto his fingertips and rubbed it on my sensitive nipples.

In the winter our hands are cold. First he caresses me on my butt and hips where my underwear is so that he isn't in direct contact with my skin. I caress him and ask if my hands are too cold, and he says no.

My hands roamed all over his body and I touched his beautiful dick. I was having a fantasy about rubbing my cunt on his dick. He was rubbing the body butter on my nipples and it smelled delicious.

I asked him if I could rub my cunt on his dick and he said yes. First I sucked on it to get it wet.

Then I climbed on him and positioned myself with my cunt on his dick. I rubbed up and down. I pushed the head of his dick against my clitoris.

Meanwhile his hands were caressing my shoulders, my back, my hips and thighs. I felt loved and wanted.

I rubbed my cunt on his dick faster and asked him, "Do you want me to put it into me?"  He said yes so we together slid his dick into my hole.

He filled me completely. My nipples bumped up against his chest as I rode him.

Always before he would push down on my hips and come quickly. Today instead he caressed my body, and I pushed myself up against him in the ways that felt best for me.

I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. I had never come on top of him like that. I wondered if I could do it.

"Oh my god," I whispered.

I pushed up against him and knew my orgasm was inevitable. I pushed again a few times and suddenly the waves were pounding through my body. I felt my cunt spasm around his dick. I concentrated with my entire will on not yelling or screaming.

I was so happy and delighted. I climbed off of him. My arms hurt. I relaxed and caressed his chest. "That was magical," I told him.

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