Saturday, October 29, 2016


I bought some spun cinnamon honey at the farmers market.  It was in a little clear plastic bowl with a clear lid that clicked, and it came with a wooden thing--like a popsickle stick but wider and shorter.  I wanted him to put it on my nipples and lick it off.

So we undressed and caressed one another's naked bodies.  I took the lid off the honey and set it on a paper towel with the wooden thing.  His big dick looked so beautiful and I wanted to put honey on it and suck the honey off.

I asked him if I could, and he said yes.  "Does this feel okay?" I asked as I gently spread some honey on him with the wooden thing.

"Yes," he said.

It looked beautiful.  The head of his cock is so big, and it looked even bigger with a little honey gleaming on it.

I gently touched the honey with my fingers.  It was liquidy yet viscous like a nice lube but so much better because I knew I would like ingesting it.

I held his dick in my honeyed hand and masturbated him a little, spreading the honey around.  He liked it.  I licked his dick and tasted the honey for the first time.  I was curious about how much it would taste like cinnamon.  It was kind of subtle.

I sucked on the head of his dick enthusiastically.  I popped it in and out of my mouth.  Then I took him all the way and he liked that too.

I blew him in this way.  I put more honey on after a little while, again with the wooden thing, and how beautiful he looked.

When he came in my mouth, the come mixing with the honey, the good feelings of love.  His happiness and satisfaction.

Then I ate the rest of the honey with the wooden thing and it was so good.  I licked out every last bit.

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