Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Recently, anarchist boyfriend has been whispering to me about Shiva.  In our imaginations, he loves Shiva's matted hair.  I love that Shiva is easily pleased by his devotees.  I also like the way Shiva has gorgeous round tits and a lovely cunt and a huge dick.  Shiva has all the good parts.  How auspicious!  And he's blue.

Our pronouns shift a lot when we talk about Shiva.  Boyfriend says that sticking his cock into her cunt is like sticking his cock into another dimension.  I'm not jealous.  I know Shiva is a god and has aspects that I never could.  And she can do amazing things with all those hands.

We went to the town where we used to live and saw our old Swami.  "What should we talk to him about?" we wondered before we went.

"Not Shiva," boyfriend said, which made me laugh.

Last night we undressed in the bedroom and I sat on the bed.  Boyfriend was naked before me, standing, and I touched his cock.  It was big and got harder.  I kissed his tummy and touched his pubic hair, petting it.  I caressed his ass and legs.

Somehow I started kissing his cock, and before I knew it, he was in my mouth.  He put one knee on the bed to steady himself as I sucked.  He tasted good.  I love him.

"Does it feel good?" I asked.  He wasn't giving me much feedback.

"It feels wonderful," he said quietly.

I sucked on him some more, gagging.  "I'm going to come soon," he said.  I held his dick in my hands, between my tits, and I felt it spasm again and again in my hand.

He was happy.  But it had happened so quickly.  But it was a treat to have him in my hands as he came.  It was unusual.

He was still hard.  "Did you come all the way?" I asked.

He said he wasn't sure, and then he masturbated on me.  He ejaculated again.

"Did that feel good?" I asked, and he said yes.  "Was it like you got to come twice?" I asked.

"Maybe one and a half," he said as I wiped his semen off my chest and tits with a tissue.  We hadn't talked about Shiva.

We lay back on the bed, and he touched my nipples gently.  I was horny and it felt good.  But it was late, and I was tired.  I don't remember how we progressed to sleep, but we went to bed somehow.

Lately when we have sex, I think about him impregnating other people.  I imagine they are having trouble conceiving with their partner and anarchist boyfriend takes over.  We all have sex together.  He ejaculates into her sweet pussy right in time.

As for Shiva, getting him to ejaculate in me might lead to half-god babies.  I don't know what it might lead to.

This morning as we cuddled, boyfriend said he wanted to impregnate me.  I love it when he says that.  I feel so treasured and happy when he says that.  His vasectomy assures that that couldn't happen, thank gods.

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