Monday, November 23, 2015

hotel fantasy

The one I most want him to fuck.  Why is that?  It's a chemistry thing.  She's really sexy in a really accessible way.  And she's a friend.  I'd like to fuck her too.

My main fantasy goes like this.  It's actually a fantasy but also a fantasy about a conversation.

They are going somewhere together and have to stay overnight in a hotel.  "How many times do you think you could make her come?" I asked him.

"Eight," he said.  I thought that was a good guess.  In real life, I have no idea, but in our fantasy life, eight sounds about right.

"What's the first way you make her come?" I imagine asking him.

"I want to lick her pussy," he tells me.  I imagine him with his face in her cunt.  He is so good at it.  Ever since he first went down on me, three and a half years ago, I've been wanting to share him with other women because he gives the best head in the world.

So they're in bed.  In reality, though there's no reality here, only fantasy--I guess layers of fantasy--there's a pause, a look, taking off the clothes, the first time she sees his beautiful erection, he first time he caresses her tits, all that.

But in the fantasy, he skips that.  He goes straight for her cunt.  He licks and licks, enjoying her sounds of pleasure.  Her soft skin.  Enjoying a new clit on his tongue.  Enjoying her.

He knows how to make a woman come.  Stubbornly, persistently, he licks until she can't hold back anymore.

She comes, and it's deeply satisfying for him that for so, so long he's wanted to make her come, and finally, here she is, such a beautiful orgasming woman, his tongue pressing into her as she moves.

"What's the second way you make her come?" I ask.  "Or do you want a blow job first?"

"I want a blow job," he says.

He's been aching for her.  So she kisses his chest, his tender neck, his mouth.  They kiss and kiss.  She continues downward, and he's so excited.  He can't believe he's finally going to get blown by her.  She kisses his tummy and his pubic hair.  She kisses his balls.

Then she kisses his dick.  He relaxes, but he's very alert and aware.  He relaxes back into the bed, but he is so present with her.

She's kissing his dick and suddenly takes him all the way into her mouth.  She blows him.  She sucks him off good.

"How does her blow job feel?" I ask.

"Feels great," he says, a man of few words.

She sucks and sucks, and it doesn't take long.  He's been waiting years for this.  So he says, "Uhh!" as he comes hard into her mouth.

"Does she swallow?" I ask him.

We think about it.  "No," he said.  She spits his semen into a hotel tissue.

What's next?  He needs a couple hours before he can fuck her, so they kiss and nap.  Or magically, since this is a magical encounter, once in a lifetime, probably, he's hard and ready again.

I like to imagine her on top of him, her tits in his face, her tits in his hands.  Her body so real and soft and good on his dick as she humps him, as she puts him into her over and over again.  Maybe she loses control a little bit and uses him, closing her eyes and grunting to get herself off on that lovely cock.

Or maybe her eyes are open the whole time, and he's staring into her eyes.  Maybe it's a deep thing.  Maybe she is accepting his heart as she accepts his slippery condomed dick into her pussy, though he says he couldn't love her that way, only as a friend.

He's lying there on his back, and she's doing whatever she wants with him.  He can pretend he's innocent, though he does reach up and touch her tits, sort of like a cat pawing a cat toy.

So she rides and humps and grinds until she's coming, and in the fantasy, it's immediately afterward that he comes too, pushing her up with his entire self, pushing so deep into her with his dick as he blows his wad into the thin condom.  Is he so innocent?

They rest again.  Maybe one takes a shower, or they both do.  It feels good to be in this rhythm together in the clean, comfortable hotel room.  They doze for a little while.

Then he licks her pussy again.  His tongues teases at her clit expertly.  This is the best time.  He kisses her cuntlips and sticks his tongue into her hole.  He tenderly licks her clit, making her want more, then giving her more as he licks it harder.

"Oh god.  Oh god," she chants.  He's about to make her come, and he makes her come again and again.  He pushes down on her clit with his tongue as she yelps with an orgasm.  Then he continues, sort of like nothing happened, as she pants and tries to regain herself.

Soon she's coming again.  He makes her come five times this way, until she pushes him off of her, exhausted. But he's very happy.  It's been a long time since he made someone come like that.

She drinks some water.  She looks at him surprised, like she had no idea he could be so persistent.  It's 2 am, and they decide to go to sleep.

In the morning, they wake up.  They're a little sore but happy.  "One more time?" she asks him, pleading, but he doesn't need to be pleaded with.

This time--might be the last chance they ever get to have sex--he's on top.  He's fucking her.  He has a condom on because he promised me.

"How does it feel, to be in her pussy?" I ask.

"Soft...smooth...warm...tight," he says.

He's fucking away at her hole, and she cries out for him as she comes easily and hard.  Her pussy grasps his dick over and over again as she spasms.

He stares at her tits as they jiggle with every thrust of his dick.  He knows he's going to come soon, so he pulls out, pulls the condom off, stuffs himself back into her pussy, and groans as he ejaculates into the deepest part of her, his sweet come filling her like he's wanted for so long.

"Well, that was unexpected," she says when he's done shaking.  They shower and pack and go.

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