Wednesday, November 11, 2015

hot springs

Yesterday anarchist boyfriend and I went to the hot springs.  We brought our bathing suits and thought we'd soak with the friends we drove there with.  But I didn't understand the procedure, so I hesitated at the door to room four.  My friend suggested we have some private time, so we split up into our respective couples.

So boyfriend and I took off our clothes in room four.  I showered at the little shower in the corner of the room, and I entered the water, walking down the steps and holding onto the rails so I wouldn't slip on the slippery water.  The pool was clean, and the room was open to the sky, no roof.  I could hear the voices of other hot springs visitors.

The water was not as hot as I thought it would be.  It felt good to be naked in the water.  I liked the feeling of floating, especially my breasts.  I felt nearly weightless and so alive in my body.  It was like yoga used to feel for me, like I could enjoy being embodied.

Then anarchist boyfriend entered the water.  He looked beautiful, his long body with its lovely colors and shapes.  His love for me.  He came down the steps and we held hands.  We swam around a little in the small pool.  I put water on my face and soaked my hair, hoping the medicinal properties of the water would heal me somehow.

We met up again to hold hands again.  It felt intoxicatingly good.

"This is the nicest feeling in the world," I said.  "The nicest."

Then we embraced, our naked bodies floating together in the hot water.  I was up against a side of the pool, and he was holding me.  I felt really free, like he wasn't pressuring me.  We were two alert, curious people, wondering what would happen between us in the water.

We caressed each other's bodies, and the water felt smooth.  Our hands glided over one another so softly.  We held one another loosely.

I was so happy and aroused.  My cunt ached.  I had seen his erection through the water, familiar and good.  Now I pushed my lower body forward, and my cunt made contact with his erection, sliding there.

I rubbed against him like that for a moment.  Then I pulled my lower body away.  We kissed and kissed.  I caressed the small of his back, making small motions with my fingers.  I caressed his beautiful ass.

I wanted him so badly in that moment.  I didn't know what to do.  Should we have sex in the pool?  This was all new to me.  How much time did we have left, anyway?  Boyfriend had set the alarm on his cellphone.

I pushed my lower body forward again, and my cunt slid over him.  This time I positioned him at the opening of my cunt.  We pushed together.

I grabbed at his shoulders.  We bobbed in the water in time with his slow thrusts.

I didn't know if someone would open the door at any moment.

He was inside me and we paused.  I was impaled on his dick and we floated together like that for a few seconds, utterly connected.

Then I pulled my lower body away, and we caressed one another again.  He was still between my legs, and he touched my thighs, which felt so good it sent a thrill through me.

"Here, see how much longer we have," I whispered.

He got up to check his phone and the alarm went off.  I climbed out of the pool in ecstasy.  I was disoriented and forgot the concept of towels.  I put my clothes on my wet body.  I struggled with my socks and hoped my shoes wouldn't fall in the pool.  I was flushed.  Would everyone know we were having sex in there?

Was everyone having sex in there?  We exited the room and sat on a wicker couch with cushions.  We were blissed out and relaxed.  The sun had come out from behind clouds.  I leaned my head back on the couch and held boyfriend's hand.

Two Asian men rushed into room four as soon as we sat on the couch.

Then our friends came out.  We sat together and I said how the water wasn't as hot as I'd expected.  We rested there.  The sun was shining on my legs.

We all wanted to take a second dip, and our friend asked us if we should go in all together, or if we should split up again.  I looked at boyfriend.  "I like what we just did," I said.  We all agreed to split up again.

When the Asian men left room four, we rushed back into it.  We took off our clothes, and I went into the little open shower again, hurrying this time.  I touched my cunt with my fingers, and it was very slippery there.

I stepped down the stairs into the warm water and enjoyed those same floating feelings as I entered the pool and gently swam.

Then boyfriend entered the pool, and I was wondering how we would behave together.  "It feels so good just to hold you hands," I said as our fingers intertwined.  He swam between my legs again, and we caressed one another again.

I wanted to come.  I wondered if I would get the chance.  But how would it feel to come and then be with our friends minutes later?  Was it wrong, to be having sex with boyfriend while we were there with friends?

He positioned his cock at the opening of my pussy.  He struggled to enter me.  I wanted him in there.  We grasped at one another.  We moved together, and I tried to stay very quiet.

He touched my nipples, and it was too much.  I was burning with pleasure.  I felt full of light.

"I want to turn you over and fuck you from behind," he whispered to me.

I wondered if he would come inside me as I turned around and he grabbed my hips and positioned himself at the willing opening of my pussy.  I felt so available to him, and I wanted him in my ass.  Everything seemed so possible in the languid warmth.  But I knew that might be messy, and I felt him plunge himself into my cunt.

He moved in and out of me, careful and slow.  I realized he wasn't going to come.  This time I knew the door had a chain across it and no one would interrupt us.

He pulled out, and we faced one another again.  "Do you want to come?" I whispered.  I considered giving him a blowjob in the water.  Then at least one of us would have some relief.

We cuddled more in the water, and I felt frustrated.  My clitoris felt like it was glowing as it throbbed.  I wanted more.  But I felt wrong to want more.  

I was a little dizzy, realizing the heat was getting to me finally and I needed to drink some water, but we'd forgotten it.  I was a little worried.

It felt like a long time had passed, and I asked him again to check his phone.  "One minute till the alarm goes off," he said.  Our time in the pool was over.

"Do you think our friends were having sex too?" I asked later.  Boyfriend said he wondered.

That evening, home again, we fucked sweetly in our bed, talking about what had happened together in the hot springs.  "Do you know what I really liked about it?" I asked.

"What?" he asked.

"That it was just us," I said.  I was so glad we could be alone together and have been together for three and a half years and are still so horny for each other and can do new things.

He fucked me from behind.  We were on our sides, and he held onto the tops of my shoulders, squeezing me there, hurting me.  I felt him lose a little control, and then he ejaculated into me.

I turned over, and he touched my clit.  It felt so good I whimpered quietly.  He rubbed me, and when I came, he stopped moving his finger.  Then I made him rub me again, and it felt like I came a second time.

My mouth was open wide in a noiseless scream, and I wanted the feelings so badly, healing for all the confusion I'd felt at the hot springs.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to go back.

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