Sunday, June 28, 2015

Snow White

For months, he told me stories about Goldilocks.  She would sneak into the house and try the bears' beds.  They would come home from the woods and find her there, take turns fucking her, their huge bear cocks hurting her small pussy.

"How old is she?" I would ask as I masturbated.  He would tell me 18 or 19, and I would say she was 14.  Her long golden hair, her small breasts, bears' cocks in her hands while another bear slammed himself into her over and over again.

It was a good story, and I liked the variations.  "Which bear are you?" I asked.  "How does her pussy feel?"  He would tell me it felt small and tight around his big bear dick.  Warm and slippery.  If he went third, her pussy would be already full of bear come.

Then he told me a story about Snow White.  The dwarves had wanted her for so long.  So one night she tiptoes through the house naked.  The dwarves are hiding.  One tackles her and spreads her legs with his hands and sticks his big dwarf cock into her.

"Which one?" I asked.

"Happy," he said.

The dwarves take turns.  Of course, boyfriend is Sleepy.  "Would you like to fuck her first, or last?" I ask.  He says first, and I tell him that he might have a better chance at impregnating her if he goes last.  Hopefully she's ovulating.

Last night he told a version of the story where the dwarves take turns holding her down while one fucks away at her hole.  I like that one, and while I masturbated I imagined Snow White struggling.

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