Friday, June 20, 2014


I was so tired, from yoga or life or whatever.  I didn't want to get up out of bed.  But I wanted him to go down on me.  So I took a fast shower and returned to bed.

"I want you to lick my pussy while I suck your cock," I said.  He had a hard on.

He is so sexy and sweet.  I love his body.  I love his skin, his beautifully-colored skin, and how he smells.  I love his limbs, his gracefulness, his tenderness.

He climbed onto me, and he tried to lick my pussy while I maneuvered his cock into my mouth upsidedown.  But it didn't work well, and I suggested we put a pillow under my ass to tilt me closer to him.

That was just right.  He licked me and licked me.  I liked his body on top of mine in a different upsidedown way.

It was difficult for me to move my mouth up and down his cock, but I did it somewhat.  I also just sucked it like a baby sucking a pacifier.

His licking felt so good.  I grasped him with my arms.  I touched him all over his back and held his ass and touched my nipples as well.  It was a little scary, the way his cock was in my mouth so deeply most of the time, and he's not so heavy, but the reality of him above me and in my mouth was a little intimidating.

But I liked the fear I felt.  He licked me so enthusiastically, and I was afraid I was going to come.  He was holding me down with his body, and I was immobilized.  I was afraid of coming like that.

But as he licked me, I knew it was inevitable.  I started to lose control.  We were deeply, completely interconnected, a sexual organism.  We were as one.  I was scared and started to rub and grab him all over his back in a frantic way.

I was held down by him, and as he licked I panicked and came.  The fear and intense pleasure pulsated through my body.  His cock was in my mouth, and I pushed it away.  I jerked my pussy away from his mouth as he continued to tongue me--the feeling was too much.

I gasped for air, my chest heaving, and I pushed my legs together.  We paused like this for a while.

Then he climbed off me.  We looked at each other and smiled.  I told him I loved him.

Then he fucked me from behind until he was quickly ejaculating in my wet, wet pussy.

We talked about how we liked it.  I said that when I came next time, he should just press down with his tongue.

My pillow was damp, not with his spit or my wetness--we decided it was ass damp from my sweat.

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