Saturday, March 9, 2013

two stories about Maria

This is the longer favorite Maria fantasy.

"It's night, and I'm going to be away.  Maria has her first date with you alone.  In the morning I go down on you and make you come because you're so excited you get to fuck her that night," I say.

"So I leave and she comes over," I say.  "What's the first thing you want to happen?"

"I want you to show up," you say, so sweet.

"No, this is about you and her," I say.  I feel loved that you want me there.  But it really turns me on to imagine you together alone.

"What do you want to do with her?"

"I want her to suck my cock," you say.  I am so turned on by your desire for her.

"I like to imagine her sucking your cock," I tell you.  "Do you want her to suck it slowly?"

"Yeah," you say.

"I like to imagine her sucking your cock so slowly, taking you all the way in, making you feel so good," I say.  This whole time I'm touching your erection.  "I like her lips around the base of your cock and her hands caressing your balls while she goes down on you."

"Do you like that?" I ask.

"Yeah," you say.

"Then you go down on her," I tell him.  "You make her feel so good with your tongue.  She's moaning for you.  She's so wet for you.  She wants you as much as you want her."

"Then she climbs on top of you," I say.  "She parts the lips of her cunt and slips you inside of her.  She slides you in all the way."

"Do you like that?" I ask.

"Yeah," you say again.  I am so turned on by the conversation.  My cunt aches with love.  I'm flooded with lust as if I were Maria.

"She rides you.  You hold onto her hips, and you pump yourself inside of her.  You look at her big tits as she rides you.  You look at their movement.  You push your cock up into her as she bounces her cunt around you again and again."

"Do you like that idea?" I ask.

"Yes," you say.  I like how excited you are in my hand.

"Then she comes for you," I say.  "She's coming on your cock.  You're so happy to watch her come.  And then before you know what's happening, you're pushing up as hard as you can and shooting her full of your come."

"Do you want that?" I ask.

"Yes," you say.  We feel so happy.  Then I move myself down to your cock and suck your cock, and you moan for me.  I push my big tits around your cock, and my nipples graze your thighs.  You come in my mouth, and I swallow every drop of your loved semen.

This is the powerful shorter Maria fantasy.

"One night I go out, and Maria comes over," I say.  "We have our relationships set up so the three of us have sex together sometimes.  But never just the two of you.  We have agreed to that."

"But one night when I'm not home, she comes over," I say.  "She wants you, and you want her.  You kiss.  You go into the bedroom and take off all your clothes.  You embrace each other, and you move to the bed.  You're above her, and you fuck her, and you fuck her hard."

I'm touching your cock as I tell you this story, and again, I'm happy to feel your excitement.

"Then I come home earlier than you expected," I say.  "You hear me at the door.  And I can hear your moans and her moans as you fuck her."

Here I pause.  My favorite part of the story is next.

"I walk into the bedroom and see you fucking her.  You look up at me.  And you begin to fuck her harder and faster.  You want to come in her.  You're looking me in the eye as you fuck her.  Then you come, and I hear you cry out as you fill her with your come."

I feel so turned on to have told you this story.  I feel vulnerable to have shared my fantasy with you.  We have sex more, and we come, and I am happy that my fantasy is now in your mind and has turned you on.

Later you want to know what I like about that story.  "I like that what you're doing is totally wrong," I say.  "In real life, it would be horrible if you did that.  But in my fantasy, it's the hottest possible thing."

You suggest it's the transgression, and I agree.  "It's just the ultimate betrayal," I say.  "I like when you look up at me.  You don't stop--you don't apologize or try to explain.  You just fuck her harder and make eye contact with me as you pump her full of your come."

I really like these stories.

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