Wednesday, March 6, 2013

in love

Night before last we were in bed and I can't remember everything we did--it's a beautiful hot blur.  But something we did that was really special for me is we looked at porn together, and it was good.  I liked the sounds the porn actors made, and I liked their movements.

Then I did something I have wanted to do for years--I sucked his cock while we watched the porn.  I liked hearing the moaning and words of the porn actors mixed in with his moans.  I liked his cock in my mouth as he watched.  I liked knowing what he was seeing and knowing his sexual desire as I sucked.  I had been abstractly wanting to do that for a long time, since before I met him, and finally I was safe enough with him to realize that need.  I was so happy.  I had the feeling that I could have everything I needed, with him.

Yesterday we went on a long drive, and I couldn't stop thinking about sex.  Oh, something else wonderful that happened night before last is we invented a male playmate for us to have.  For a long time we have had Maria, the woman who we bring to bed with us in our imaginations.  We have so much fun with her.  I will have to tell you my hottest fantasy about her some other time.

But the man we invented to have sex with is named Eduardo.  We talked about him watching anarchist boyfriend fuck me.  He sat to the side and masturbated while he watched.  "What does his cock look like?" I asked.  "Is it very big?"

"No, it's kind of stubby," anarchist boyfriend said.

"Is it veiny?" I asked.

"No, it's smooth," he said.  "But it's got good color."

Later anarchist boyfriend said something about Eduardo coming on my foot.  And boyfriend said something about Eduardo fucking me.  "Are we ready for that?" I asked.

And yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about sex in the car.  My mind played through numerous fantasies, and I couldn't stop.  I told anarchist boyfriend that it was almost pathological.  In a way I felt close to him, because the fantasies included him, but in a way I was in my own world.

So I was thinking about sex a lot, and I was deliriously happy.  I told boyfriend a little about what was on my mind.  We we caressed one another's arms as we drove.  He reached for my thigh.  I touched my own nipples through my shirt.  I reached for his cock in his pants, and it was hard.  "Is this too distracting?" I asked, and he said no.

But he got too sleepy to drive, and we pulled over.  We made out, kissing a lot, his hands finding my nipples, and I was so horny.  He was too.  I liked being there with him, by the side of the road, slightly distracted by watching for cars out of the corner of my eye, hoping a cop wouldn't see us there, badly wanting to masturbate and not letting myself.

I wanted to tell him the fantasy I kept coming back to and building upon.  But I was scared, and I thought it might be good to save it for a time we could really have sex.

But I did tell him how happy I had been to go down on him while he watched porn.  I tried to explain why it had meant so much to me.  I put my hand on my heart and looked for the words.

"It was really hot?" he suggested.

"Well, yeah," I said.  "But something other than that too.  It was really...tender."  I had been so happy to do something I had wanted to do for years and to do it with him.  "You give me everything I need," I said.  "You're everything I ever wanted."

I kept living in the fantasy world of sex until I took over the driving and couldn't concentrate on sex anymore, though many thoughts of sex did cross my mind.  We arrived at my parents' house and spent time with family.

Then it was finally bedtime, and I was pleased.  We started to make out, and I reached for his cock.  He slipped off his chonies.  I went down on him.  I was so glad to finally have him in my mouth.  I thought of my fantasies but didn't tell him any.  I touched licked my hand and touched his cock with my wet hand.  Then I went down on him again.  Then I touched him with my hand again.

"Can I tell you a dirty story?" I asked.

"Sure," he said.

"Well, it's not dirty," I said.  "It's sweet."  Where could I begin?  I began.

"We have J over, and we all decide to cuddle and see what happens," I started.  J is our friend who I met on okcupid maybe nine months ago.  We have spent time with her in person just  handful of times and have always enjoyed it.  We email pretty regularly.  She is younger than us and a very lively, kind person who is interested in all sorts of things.  I am not sure where our friendship is headed.  We might be destined for a good, solid friendship without sex, but it's true we met on okcupid.  She has a girlfriend she lives with.

"We have a couch in the livingroom," I continue.  "So we sit on either side of her, and we begin to caress her.  We touch her back and her arms.  We touch her hair, and we touch the side of her face."  I touched the side of my own face.  "She touches us too."

"Then we decide to take our shirts off, and to take our bras off," I continue.  "We touch one another's naked backs.  We touch one another's shoulders.  We touch one another's chests.  You embrace her, and you feel her little tits against your chest.  I embrace her too, and I feel her little tits against my larger ones.  Then I reach for her nipples and she reaches for mine.  We squeeze each other's nipples, and it feels so good.  We kiss.  You watch us kiss.  And you two kiss too as I watch."

"Do you like this story?" I ask.  This whole time I've been touching his cock with my hand.

"Yes," he says.

"Then we take the rest of our clothes off," I continue.  "You sit on the couch with your legs spread wide, and she and I kneel between your legs.  We take turns sucking your cock.  First she moves her lips over the head of your cock.  Then she takes you all the way into her mouth to her throat.  She sucks your cock for maybe ten seconds.  Then I take over and suck your cock.  Then she sucks your cock more.  We keep trading off."  I like that part a lot.  I stop touching him with my hand to suck his cock for a moment.

"Then we decide to go to bed," I say.  "You lie on your back, and she climbs on top of you.  She opens the lips of her cunt and slides you all the way inside of her.  She begins to ride you.  Meanwhile I'm kissing you and caressing your hair like this."  I caress his head sweetly.  I can feel him getting more excited in my hand, and I wonder if my story will make him come.

"Then she begins to come, and we watch her and listen to her come," I tell him.  "Then you look at me, and we say we love each other.  Then you push up inside of her with all your strength, and you pump her full of your come."

My story is complete.  "Do you like my story?" I ask.

"Yes," he says.

"How much do you like it?" I ask.

"Very much," he says.

"Am I the best story teller ever?" I ask.

"You are," he says.  I begin to suck his cock, wanting him to come in my mouth, and finally I taste his semen in my mouth and feel his cock pulse.  I swallow every drop.

"Did you just come in my mouth?" I ask.

"Yes," he says.

"And did you like it when I swallowed your come?" I ask.

"Yes," he says.

Then I lie back and he touches my tits.  "Now you tell me the story," I say as I rub my clitoris and feel the slick wetness between the lips of my cunt.

I have never been this in love.

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