Friday, November 16, 2012


Last night we were lying in bed cuddling.  I didn't have a shirt on.  You touched my nipples gently, and I was so happy.  I felt my cunt ache with desire as the blood rushed in.  My clitoris felt enlivened.

I pushed you back on the bed and went down on you.  You were silent.  Your cock was all the way in my mouth, and I moved my lips at the base of your cock.  You murmured.  I sucked your cock enthusiastically.  You were pulling me up so your cock was aligned with my cunt.  You wanted in me.

I took off my clothes, and you were on top of me.  You slipped yourself inside of me, partially, and I struggled to get you all the way in.  I think you like it when I beg you for it.  When we pushed all the way together, I gasped.  That's exactly what I wanted.

I rubbed my nipples with my thumbs as I felt your weight and reality on top of and inside of me.

You thrust gently a few times.  I wanted you so badly, wanted to come so badly.  I pushed against you.

Then you withdrew, not wanting to come.  You rested your cock on my cunt for a few seconds.  I wanted you back inside me.  I pushed my cunt up against you in a rhythmic way.

Then you entered me again.  I was excited and so aroused for you.  You were still, and I tried to make you fuck me.  I writhed beneath you and grabbed at your body.  You thrust slightly, giving me what I wanted partially, and then pulled out again.

Then you were coming on my belly.  I felt your cock spasm, and your beautiful balls were against me as you came.

You got a paper towel and cleaned us up.  Then you sucked my right nipple and touched my left as I rubbed my clitoris and remembered how it felt when you were inside me.  You sucked my nipple energetically, and I was so grateful for you.

Then I was coming, and I was completely yours.

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