Monday, December 17, 2012

all I wanted

We were on a long drive, and all I wanted was to get home and have sex.  "There's something I want that's embarrassing," I said.  I was afraid to tell him what it was.  But then I did tell him.

"I want you to masturbate close to my face and then shoot your come into my mouth." I said.  "And then I want to swallow it."

We made it home, and I took a quick shower.  When I went to the bedroom, he'd already lit a candle and was in the bed.  "What are you doing there?" I asked.

"Warming up the bed for you," he said.  He was wearing a teeshirt and underwear. When he sat up to take his shirt off, I cheered.

We kissed, and I caressed his cock.  It was large and hard.  He took off his underwear for me.  I was already naked.

Then he was on top of me, thrusting himself into me--a little deeper then a little deeper.  I was overjoyed.  "I want to come with you inside me," I told him, and he wanted that too.  I rubbed my clitoris with my fingers as I rubbed my body up against him.

Soon I was about to come.  "Come for me," he told me, and I did.  I was afraid, right before the waves of pleasure hit me--afraid of the vulnerability of it, afraid of feeling too much.  But then it was happening, and all I knew was happiness.

Then he moved his body toward my head and his cock close to my face.  He started to masturbate there.

"Is this what you wanted?" he asked.

 "Yeah," I said, and I watched him as well as I could from that close distance.  I looked at his hand on his cock, and I looked at his beautiful candlelit face.  As he got closer, I opened my mouth for him.

Then his come was squirting into my mouth.  I felt it hit my tongue and lips.  It felt its heat.  I was so satisfied by it.  I was dazzled by how perfect it was.  And then I remembered to swallow.

He got his teeshirt and wiped off his cock.  He wiped off my chin, which had come on it.  And we cuddled close.

"How long do you want to keep me?" I asked.

"Forever," he said.

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