Tuesday, December 30, 2014

make me struggle, threaten me

1.  I asked him to hold my head down on his cock as I blew him.  I said that when I seemed like I was about to take a break from sucking his cock, he should push me down harder.  He should tell me not to stop.  I told him I wanted him to make me struggle.

So I sucked his cock, and when I tried to move away, he pushed my head down harder onto him.

My cunt ached with desire.  "Don't stop," he said.

I wanted to tell him, "Yes, master."  I had never wanted to tell anyone that before.

2.  We were in bed making out.  I asked him to threaten me.  He immediately began threatening me as if we were on the same wavelength, or as if he had been wanting to threaten me for a long time.  That turned me on a lot.  I felt so close to him.

"Suck my cock or I'm going to hit you," he said.  "Like that?"

"Yes," I said.  "That's prefect."

"Let me have your pussy or I'll hit you," he said.

I was scared to tell him what I was about to tell him and paused.  "I most want you to threaten to rape me," I said.

"Let  me have your pussy or I'll take it from you," he said.  "Give it to me or I'll make you."

"Suck my cock or I'm going to rape your mouth," he added.  No one had ever said anything like that to me before, and I was thrilled.  It felt wrong and wonderful.

"Give it to me or I'll rape you," he said.  I gave it to him.

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