Sunday, August 5, 2012

new best

Yesterday we were at a friend's house and had sex there.  The friend was moving.  She and her mom were doing a run, and anarchist boyfriend and I had the place to ourselves for half an hour.  We made out on the loveseat.  "Can I suck your cock?" I asked.

"We're at someone else's house," he said.

"It'll be okay," I said.

Then he opened his pants, and I knelt down to suck his cock.  It was beautiful to have him in my mouth.  And we worked toward his orgasm until he was coming.

Afterward I spit out his semen in the bathroom sink, and we cuddled.  Later we got a call that they would be gone another half hour, so I washed my hands and masturbated on the loveseat while he touched my nipples.  My shirt was pulled up, and my shorts were unzipped.  Behind us was a window, and the afternoon light shone into the room in a lovely way.

Then today, we went on a long walk.  We came home and I took a shower.  He was already in bed, and I asked if we could cuddle.  He put his computer away and took me in his arms.  He casually touched my left nipple as his hands stroked my naked body.  Soon I told him, "I want you.  I want your cock."

He got up to take off his underwear, and I saw his erection.  Then he lay on top of me, kissing me.  Then he went down on me, licking me gently at first, then hard, stoking my clitoris with his tongue.  I said, "Oh...oh.  That feels so good."  I also begged him, "Please," and, "Please do that to me."

I can't describe to you the actions he did.  He licked the top part of my clitoris up and down.  He licked the bottom side too, and sometimes licked both, flicking his tongue on the tip of my clitoris.  He swirled his tongue around on the underside of my clitoris.  I really liked that.  I really liked everything he did.

Then he took a break from cunnilingus, coming up to my head to kiss me.  I was a little sad he was done, but I understood.

Then he went down on me again.  I'm not sure if my clitoris had relaxed while he was kissing my mouth.  But it felt so good, what he did to me, that I was soon enlivened again.  He did the same things with his tongue.

Then he took another break, kissing me, and I hoped he wasn't done.  I reached down to caress his testicles.  They were soft and lovable in my hand.  I played with them and held them.  I touched his cock gently then masturbated him for a moment.

Then he went down on me again.  "If you do that more, I might come," I told him, when it felt so good, and I felt the intensification.

He stopped to kiss me again.  This time he said, "I'm going to put on a condom."  I was so, so happy he was going to fuck me.  I thought I might come with him inside me, something I'd wanted for a long time. "Please fuck me," I begged.  "I would give anything for you to fuck me."

Then he went down on me again.  I was disappointed, but for only a second, because his tongue on my clitoris again was amazing.  He went down on me as I moaned with pleasure.

Then he surfaced to kiss me again, and his hard cock was positioned right at the entrance to my cunt.  He slid in, like a hot knife through butter.  I felt the unique joy of having him inside me, and I almost came immediately.  I felt that yearning and the excitement.

He was deep inside me, and he began to thrust.  I felt again like I was about to come and didn't.  His body was close against mine, and he began to fuck me harder.  I made small sounds as I felt the near-fear anticipation of my orgasm.  It seemed inevitable.  I held onto his upper arms with my hands as my thumbs rubbed my nipples.

Then I knew it would happen.  Suddenly my legs moved from their somewhat-relaxed position--my pelvis tilted so he was as deeply inside of me possible.  I was grabbing onto his body, grabbing his back in an embrace so universal.  And gradually he rocked me into my orgasm, and I cried out as the pleasure pumped through my body.  I felt myself contract around his cock.  I felt a complete, pure sensation of contentment and peace.

Finally it had happened.  I felt like something very important had occurred.  I felt irrevocably bonded to him. I had finally come with his cock inside of me.  It was what I had wanted for so long.

We enjoyed the feelings.  We were still.  Then he began to fuck me again, deeply again, but with an animal force.  I listened to his rhythmic breathing as he fucked me.  I imagined that he was really turned on by the fact that he had made me come with his cock inside of me, imagined how happy he must be.  And he fucked me, and then he abruptly stopped, and I felt his cock spasm as he came inside of me.

Again we stayed like that for a long time.  We had been in a tight embrace, my legs wrapped around his legs.    I untangled our legs, and he moved his face to mine to kiss me.  "Hiya," he said.  I smiled.  My heart was full.

Then we cuddled close, and I told him, "I love you like I've never loved anyone else."

"I love you like I've never loved anyone else," he said.

"I want to tell you something, and I want you to respond compassionately," I said.  He agreed.  I said, "You give me the best sex of my life.  Together we make the best sex of my life.  You are the best lover I've ever had, and no one compares to you."

"We're perfect for each other," he told me.

"I want you to tell me that no one compares to me," I said.

"No one compares to you," he said.  "You're the best."

I told you a couple weeks ago, dear reader, about the most satisfying orgasm I'd ever had.  This sex that anarchist boyfriend and I had today supersedes that.

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