Monday, September 10, 2012


I was thinking about him going inside of me, no condom--I think about it a lot--I daydream about him pumping me full of his come.

But I was thinking realistically--what if he slipped himself inside of me with no condom on, just so we could feel what it felt like?  Just so we could have that experience?  Then I thought about pregnancy, how the other day he said something was inconceivable, and I said, "That's what our baby is--inconceivable."

So it was on my mind, and then he took a shower and I took a shower and we were in bed.  I went down on him for a moment.  Then he was on top of me like he often is.  I strained to get his cock on my vulva, strained to get his cock at the opening of my cunt.  I was happy when he let his cock be there.  We were kissing.  I pushed up against him so that his cock entered me a tiny bit.  What were we doing?

I pushed more, straining against him, so he slipped into me a little more.  How could we be doing this?  It was irresponsible and wrong.  "Do you want me to go all the way in?" he asked.  I nodded and smiled as he eased himself all the way up inside of me.

How did it feel?  My god, it felt good.  It was something I had never felt before, my loved boyfriend there inside me, so real and good.  It felt good physically and at the same exact time it felt so good emotionally.  I was experiencing the union I had wanted for so long.

I strained up against him more, trying to make him thrust.  He withdrew and kept his cock there at the opening of my cunt.  Again I pushed, and I was so happy when he allowed himself to enter me once more.  I cried out as he slipped all the way inside me.  He filled me.

"Fuck me," I thought but didn't say.  I wanted his thrusts.  I struggled around him.  Again he withdrew. Again I got him back.  I pushed my body against him as he was all the way inside me in a rhythmic way.  He reached for my left wrist and held it down, then my right.  I was ecstatic.

He told me he needed to be careful so he wouldn't come.  He withdrew and somehow he was lying on his back.  His cock was slick with my cunt's slipperiness, and I could see some of the fluid was white, at the base of his cock.  I took him in my mouth.

I couldn't believe how good he tasted.  I made him fuck my mouth, and I wanted his come in my throat so badly.  I sucked and sucked.  I could tell how good it felt for him, and he started to moan as he was getting close.

"I'm going to come soon," he said.  My heart was full of love as I took him deep and he moaned in the way he does when he's coming in my mouth.  I felt the come filling my mouth and felt his cock spasming.

I wanted to swallow.  I wanted the come inside my body forever, his come becoming part of me.

But I held onto his leg to keep contact with him as I spit his semen into a teeshirt.  Then I lay beside him, and I told him, "That was the hottest thing ever."  We cuddled close.  I moved his hand to my cunt, and he touched me there until I was coming too loudly.  Sorry, neighbors.

I wanted to say that as he fucked me, his eyes were rolled up in his head, and it was beautiful.  The whole thing was beautiful, and I will remember this day forever.

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